Emilie Wright is known to inspire, uplift, support and encourage those around her. She has decided to share her love through a line of natural products that will generate love and peace through grace by encouraging everyone to embrace Livin' Wright.

Livin' Wright product line wishes to inspire others through knowledge, wisdom and understanding how to transition themselves to Livin' Wright by using products that will generate love and peace through grace externally and internally.


To continue to generate formulas with the purest natural ingredients from around the world to customers seeking a natural solution to their body care needs.

Message From the CEO

Creating the products that represent Livin' Wright brought me such joy. After research and development I was able to generate formulas that work! I personally use Livin' Wright products everyday. I live by it! I recommend the premium exfoliator be used in the shower or bath, but is not to be used on the face or other gentle areas. After exfoliating your body, I recommend using the premium triple whipped body butter. By massaging it directly into your skin, it will gently melt creating moisture while softening your skin overall. The 3-n-1 oil is prefect for those on-the-go days or enjoying a nice bath. It is ideal for a body massage. Use the 3-n-1 regularly however you prefer. It will leave your skin soft without leaving oil residue. For your every day cleansing routine, I recommend the cold-pressed soaps. They are coconut oil based, which is an anti-fungal used naturally to remove dirt and bacteria from the skin. When wanting to wind down, enjoy a peaceful bath with one of our bath bombs used to detoxify and moisturize your skin. I am sure you will enjoy using a Livin' Wright product just as I enjoy making them. Please review and share!

~Emilie Wright

Livin' Wright promises to provide their supporters with services that will blow their minds.

CEO Emilie Wright not only makes all-natural body care products, but she also hosts and promotes small business owner events. She hosts exciting monthly parties to celebrate different genres of music from around the world. Check out our event page for more information.